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The National Organization of Investment Professionals (NOIP), formed in 1983, is a nonprofit association of investment professionals. NOIP's diverse membership of senior professionals includes traders, analysts, and investors at investment managers; traders, analysts, and salespeople at institutional and retail broker-dealers; market makers and proprietary traders; managers at national securities exchanges; and experts in asset classes outside of listed equities. Members share a common objective of fostering a favorable regulatory environment for institutional participation in fair and open securities markets which are both efficient and effective.

Membership is by application only. Prospective members must have three NOIP member sponsors, one of whom must be a Board member. Members pay annual dues and conference registration fees. At present, our Bylaws permit 250 active members. At retirement, an active member in good standing may choose to become an honorary member.

Each spring and fall, members attend conferences that focus on topics that are both timely and relevant to the institutional investment community. In addition to industry, political and regulatory speakers, NOIP members actively participate on conference panels. NOIP conferences serve as in-depth educational opportunities for members and offer opportunity for high quality, confidential dialogue with fellow senior industry professionals. NOIP conferences are not open to the press.

National Organization of Investment Professionals


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